PCI Assistance

Are you confused about what you need to do to maintain VISA and other credit card security? Are you setting yourself up to be sued by an angry customer who had their credit card information stolen from your system? PABP, PCI, PCI DSS, DMZ and on and on... while the acronyms may change, the alphabet soup of compliancy programs and daily awareness of credit card security is here to stay and is only going to get tougher on the merchant.

You have several rules and guidelines to follow throughout your business, not only on your POS system but on how you secure written information, determining who has access and how that access is granted, maintaining standard daily operating procedures and training your employees on a regular basis about compliance and the procedures you have in place today not to mention a documented plan with a timeline to correct any defieiencies found at any step along the way.

And all this is on top of the extreme challenges you face in todays economy in just running your business and trying to make a profit! Let's face it, you have two choices. One, take this headon and protect yourself or two, ignore it hoping it will go away then wonder what happened when you get sued and put out of business. The costs and fines for a breach are enormous - VISA - $10,000 to start, forensic audit to determine what happened - $10-20,000 and up (and this is required in your merchant contract with VISA), lawyers fees, lost productivity of your personnel along with your good name.

We offer several PCI Compliancy Assistance Packages to help you wade through the alphabet soup and get down to what you need to know - how do you protect your systems (computer network and manual) along with your customers credit card data as it moves through your business on a daily basis.

While no company can "make" you compliant as only your own actions can do that, we do offer several PCI Compliance Assistance Packages to help you.

Watch an informational video published by RSPA about PCI compliancy and the dangers lurking for level 4 (mom and pop) merchants. Are you at Risk? You can watch this on YouTube here.

Whatever you do, develope a plan and start getting compliant today! Don't become the next victim of credit card thieves.


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