Business Process

The restaurant business is a challenging and rewarding business and in today’s economic environment it is best managed with efficient controls available in advanced technology and field-tested business practices.

At POSC Business Systems, we offer the latest in advanced technology for the restaurant and retail business and a staff with extensive experience in both point-of-sale systems and retail/restaurant management and operations.

We utilize our unique understanding of restaurant and retail operations to help create maximum efficiencies in setting up point-of-sale systems. Additionally, we offer our experienced professional services in helping clients to integrate and cultivate point-of-sale data into the overall business process. Those services include: deployment of best practices in integrating the POS system into the accounting package, guidance in developing daily cash-handling and reconciliation procedures, creating monthly and annual margins and profitability reports based on purchases and sales, customer database management, continuity marketing programs, online reach as well as custom services in response to unique client needs.

Please contact your POSC Business Systems sales representative for more information on how our business process services might help you.