SoftTouch POS


SoftTouch POS

SoftTouch POS system is the only Restaurant POS Software solution with many business operation functions: Dining Room, Bar Operation, Take Out, Delivery Operations, Counter Operations, Drive Thru, and powerful, highly customizable BackOffice included in one single software package without costly add-on modules. Together, these operation functions give you a complete set of tools in business management, growth and expansion. SoftTouch will amaze you with its great interface, increased simplicity of use, accuracy, fast order placement, precise customer lookup, dazzling speed, compatibility with standard hardware, and much more! It is the latest in the line of flexibility, power and simplicity that have made SoftTouch the system of choice in the hospitality industry.


SoftTouch SmartHost

This feature-rich table management system provides a comprehensive business workflow solution. At the point of entry, this intelligent system accurately forecasts wait times using proprietary Predictive Seating™ technology, which matches customers’ seating preferences to user configurable table attributes such as: smoking, patio, booth, window seat, guest count, etc. Moreover, the system will recall customers’ seating preferences and order history through the use of a loyalty RFID key fob that the customer can self-scan at the hostess station. At a glance, the hostess or management can view virtually every table activity detail from food served and coursing information to predicted departure time and target revenue status.


SoftTouch iPOS

SoftTouch iPOS™ Handheld Ordering for SoftTouch POS is the perfect solution for restaurants and eateries looking to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency. This product is ideal for servers, cocktail wait-staff, host staff, management and anyone else that needs mobility when taking customer orders or accepting customer payment. It's also an excellent line-busting solution for QSR operators.


SoftTouch SoftWireless

Mobility & remote order operations solution that allows restaurant personnel to spend more time with customers to keep them coming back.


SoftTouch Touchless Sign-On

SoftTouch' flagship point-of-sale and restaurant management product provides an essential productivity solution for restaurants from quick-service to upscale fine dining. Their latest innovation is Touchless Sign-on™; the wait staff wears RFID bracelets that trigger an automatic logon at the POS station when the user is within range. No more swiping ID cards or punching in access codes.


SoftTouch INFORM

Patent pending INFORM (Intelligent Notifications For Operations Real-time Management) supplants retrospective reporting with real-time information broadcasts to wireless text pagers.


SoftTouch SoftCall

Wireless table-top pushbutton units empower your customers!


SoftTouch SoftPay

Designed for full-service eateries, this patent pending self-pay kiosk increases table turnover, decreases labor costs and improves customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy check-out delays.


SoftTouch Online

The Internet ordering solution that allows eateries to create a web presence using their existing SoftTouch POS configuration.


SoftTouch DineBlast Mobile

DineBlast Mobile extends the customer's dining experience to mobile phones, laptops, PDA's and more. Dining guests can self-order and self-pay using a personal communication device. DineBlast Mobile is compatible with virtually any WiFi enabled portable device from mobile phones to portable notebook computers. Device auto-detection renders the best possible GUI. Below are just several of the many devices that will work with DineBlast Mobile:
iPhone and iPod Touch, Blackberry, Palm Treo Phones, Palm TX PDA's, PocketPC PDA's and Phones, Laptop, Notebook, UMPC.