The S-Line redefines the all-in-one design by integrating a thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. Its compact design will save precious counter space, reduce cable clutter, and generate additional revenue.

The S-Line stands 15" tall and 14.5" wide (16.25" with MSR), and will free up the space beside your POS terminal by eliminating the need of an external printer. You can now use this space to generate additional revenue by displaying advertisements or selling merchandise.

The S-Line powers its printer internally, eliminating the need for an additional power brick. The printer has a quiet operation and prints a fast 23 lines per second. It has an auto-cutter which will help reduce paper jams. Replacing the paper is very easy, and works just like any standard thermal printer.

If the printer fails, our tool-less "slider" design allows you to replace the printer in less than 60 seconds (watch video).

The S-Line has a bright 15" display, and is powered by an Intel Atom1.6GHz, Dual Core 1.9GHz, or Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz processor. It runs most Windows operating systems, and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and secondary display. Expandability includes Gigabit network, 4 Serial, 1 Parallel, and 6 USB ports.

Ideal for retail/restaurant/bar/quick service point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, and self-ordering kiosk applications.


The StealthTouch-M5 is a 15" all-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel Atom1.6GHz,Dual Core 1.9GHz, or Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz processor. The Stealth-M5 can be set up to run as a fanless and diskless thin client, reducing dust and grease intake, and improving the life of the terminal. Connectivity consists of 10/100/1000 BaseT network, 6 USB, 4 Serials, Parallel, and 24-volts poweredUSB for devices such as a printer.

The Stealth-M5's versatile design allows it to be configured to meet your application requirements and budget. The Stealth-M5 can run as a thin client utilizing solid-state disk or compact flash with embedded Windows XP or Windows 7. The Stealth-M5 supports several touchscreen technologies to meet your installation requirement: Resistive, Intellitouch SAW, InfraRed, or Capacitive.

With its compact footprint, the M5 takes up little countertop space and can easily be mounted on the wall or VESA pole. Additional features include WiFi wireless network, credit card reader, magnetic stripe reader, biometric fingerprint reader, integrated customer display, integrated barcode scanner, CD/DVD drive, privacy filter, and webcam.

Ideal for retail/restaurant/bar/quick service point-of-sale, industrial control, gaming, point-of-purchase, information kiosk, and healthcare applications.


Pioneer POS has been well known for its innovative product designs. The M5/LX is another state-of-the-art product that is designed to fit into the current state of economy.

In addition to its aggressive pricing, the M5/LX implements the best breed of components: Intel processor, Intel network, and Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Backed by 3 years warranty and our world-class support staff, the M5/LX offers an unbeatable value.

Try the M5/LX today, and see your revenues grow!

Ideal for retail/restaurant/bar/quick service point-of-sale, industrial control, gaming, point-of-purchase, information kiosk, and healthcare applications.


The XV is the most powerful and versatile 15" touchcomputer in the market. It is powered by Intel's Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo, and has a blazing Intel 10/100/1000 BaseT network built-in with vPro technology for remote management. The XV will be ready when your business grows and has more data to process, offering a better return on your investment.

The XV's built-in RAID-1 option allows automatic hard drive mirroring thus providing data redundancy and protection. By using 2 hard drives, your data will be continuously duplicated onto the second drive. If one drive fails, the XV will automatically run from the second drive, thus reducing down time. Plug in a replacement drive, and the XV will re-build the new drive by itself.

If you have only one terminal setup to manage a store, an XV with RAID-1 is an ideal solution to run both as your Workstation and Back Office Server. It will handle your daily transactions with speed, and at the same time it will provide data redundancy. In a multiple terminal setup, you can deploy several standard XV workstations, and one XV configured with RAID-1 as both the Server and Workstation, eliminating the need of a dedicated PC server.

Expandabilties include 4 Serials, Parallel, 6 USB, 24-volt poweredUSB, CD/DVD drive, media reader.

Ideal for retail/restaurant point-of-sale, industrial control, gaming, point-of-purchase, information kiosk, and healthcare applications.


The StealthTouch-M7 is a 17" All-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel Atom1.6GHz,Dual Core 1.9GHz, or Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz processor. This technology allows the M7 to perform as well as (or better than) Pentium4 2GHz, with less power consumption.

Understanding that one product will not fit all needs, the M7's versatile design allows you to customize it to meet your budget and application's requirements (such as processing speed, memory size, operating systems, touch technology, mounting option, and integrated peripherals.)

Some of the M7's benefits include:

  • 17" bright display, with built-in privacy filter option.
  • Rugged enclosure with spill-resistance.
  • Blazing network, 10/100/1000BaseT. Wireless (WiFi) optional.
  • Plenty of connectivity: 1 Parallel, 4 Serial, 6 USB ports.
  • 12-volts and 24-volts poweredUSB ports.
  • 2nd display port for advertisement on LCD or Plasma display.
  • Integrated magnetic stripe reader and biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Integrated barcode scanner.
  • Privacy filter.
  • Integrated webcam.

Ideal for healthcare, self-service kiosk, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality applications.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, the XV-2 with its large 17" display can be used to present more information to your customer. The XV-2 has the power and features that no other systems can match. It is the most powerful all-in-one system in the market, powered by Intel's Dual Core and Core 2 Duo. It has a blazing Intel 10/100/1000 BaseT network, with Intel's vPro technology for remote management. A wireless RF 802.11 network is also available.

The XV-2 is also equipped with RAID-1 capability for data redundacy and protection. By utilizing 2 hard drives, your data will be continuously duplicated onto the second drive. If one drive fails, it will automatically run from the second drive, and reduce downtime.

The XV-2 offers a wide range of expandability: 4 Serial ports, 6 USB ports, poweredUSB ports, and input devices such as magnetic card readers, optical drives, and multimedia card readers.

Ideal for self-order stations, self-check out, photo kiosks, product promotion, gaming, and industrial control applications.


The PAR EverServ™ 2000 is the affordable point-of-sale (POS) hardware solution with the smallest footprint in the ParTech portfolio. The 2000′s fan-less design is quiet and offers low power consumption and minimal maintenance. Its small footprint is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The design offers a spill resistant, high-impact enclosure that is built to withstand tough restaurant and retail conditions with continuous operation.


The PAR EverServ™ 6000 provides all the durability ParTech is known for, with the flexibility and scalability and performance for any environment. By design, the 6000 is simple to service which reduces service times and minimizes business interruption. The EverServ 6000 POS terminal leverages a common computing platform across multiple configurations to simplify IT operations, deployment and support, resulting in lower costs. In addition, its energy-saving features and rugged design contribute to a low total cost of ownership and a long product lifespan.


The PAR EverServ™ Kiosk 6000 has a sleek design to meet the growing consumer demand for self-service convenience while complementing virtually any environment. The kiosk can be used for a variety of applications including ticketing, self-service point of sale, self-check in as well as informational based applications. EverServ Kiosk 6000 features a new 15” high bright LCD display with proven touch screen technology and printer options including durable fan-fold ticket stock for tickets or thermal receipt printer for receipts.