Your Connection To Everything Point of Sale

Welcome to POSC Business Systems. We take pride in partnering with our clients to help them frame their business process in a manner that provides them with the greatest efficiency at the most reasonable cost.
We are different from many other point-of-sale dealers in that WE DO NOT TRY AND FIT ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS INTO JUST ONE BRAND OF POS! We have no quotas to meet to maintain our dealerships nor are we constrained by sales territory boundaries.

We evaluate our customers’ needs, then utilize our experience and know-how to present them with options that best fit their POS needs. OUR ARCHITECTURE IS OPEN, AND OUR APPROACH IS CONSULTITIVE.
As a dealer for more than one brand of restaurant/bar POS software, SoftTouch POS, NCC/Reflection and Store Keeper for retail environments, we have more to offer our clients than most other point-of-sale companies.

We work hard to offer the most advanced point-of-sale technology on the market today, engineered for maximum ease of use and superior feature functionality. As members of the Retail Solutions Providers’ Association, we are constantly researching the newest and best technologies that can be applied to our customers needs.

When you are ready to partner with a point-of-sale provider that appreciates your business and will deliver on their promises, products and services, call us. We firmly believe in excellence in customer service whether you are buying a case of paper or a complete system.